A downloadable game for Windows

Made for Amity CyberBuzz 2016


-Dhruv Tuli

-Nirbhay Kwatra

Modern School, Barakhamba Road


We decided to make an open world prison escape RPG game. For us, this game has 3 aspects : 1) Break-In 2) Rescue 3) Escape

The game is fully ready to play with Gamepad and Joystick.

We decided to integrate all 3 of these in our game. Hence, evolved a storyline with 2 characters : Rob, an ex-CIA agent going to rescue his brother. We wanted the user to feel he was technically in a different an advance world. Hence, we put traps like flying drones with UV Light, proximity mines on ground, laser shields and AI-Security Guards. We have also put collectibles without collecting, you cannot advance to the next level.

We have a song picker also. (3 choices) in the pause menu using C# functions and some JS in Unity3D. All models were made in Autodesk Maya or Blender

Install instructions

Just download, install and run the game from the desktop shortcut.


CMIYC-ModernBK(Dhruv&Nirbhay).exe 35 MB

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